Metro Property Management is a fully licensed property management firm that is there to help you make the most out of your property investment while removing the hassle out of the whole process. Whether you are looking for new tenants for your rental property or you are struggling to keep up with and address issues of repair and maintenance or to handle the administrative issues of your property, we can help you out. Our services include;

Handling Your Property Advertisements

For your property to be rented there is need to market it where suitable tenants are more likely to look. And that is what Metro Property Management will do for you. We will ensure that your property is both clean and attractive and then take quality photos that will immediately catch the attention of potential tenants. These advertisements may be placed on rental websites, online classified ads and even on local newspapers.

Tenant Screening

Once the advertisements have borne fruit and there are people that have expressed their interest in moving into your house or rental units, we will run them through a rigorous screening process. And this is meant to ensure that you get the best tenants for your property and hence eliminate cases of late rent payment or nonpayment, minimize problems and reduce the chances of tenant turnover. The screening usually entails verifying the applicant’s identity, and rental history, running criminal backgrounds checks, as well as doing credit checks. Once they are qualified, we will handle all the paperwork including handing them the lease agreement, reviewing the contract and handing them the rules of the tenancy.

Rent Collection and Managing of Finances

As your property manager, we will take up the responsibility of collecting rent from the tenants on your behalf. We will keep clear records of the rent received, provide the tenants with receipts as proof of payment and track down any late payments. Besides, Metro will also help in managing the finances of your rental property. Here we will handle everything from taxes, mortgage payments and any other types of payments on your property. While doing this, we will also maintain clear records documenting all the repair and maintenance expenses and provide you with comprehensive reports of your property.

Property Maintenance

Once you have entrusted us with your property, we will also endeavor to ensure that it is well maintained so as to ensure that it is safe and habitable. This will involve ensuring that all the necessary repairs and preventive maintenance is done. Whether your property requires the fixing of the plumbing or electrical system, replacement of fixtures, or extermination of pests, we have you covered. We will also handle landscape care and maintenance. The best part is that all these tasks will be handled by the most qualified handymen, landscape professional and contractors.

Regular Property Inspections

The last thing you want as a property owner is to start worrying about the condition of your property and whether it meets the required safety, insurance compliance and industry standards. Well, with Metro Property Management on board, you will not need to worry about any of these. We normally conduct regular property inspections to help ensure compliance. Our inspections cover everything from smoke alarm testing, fire safety checks and the overall condition of the property.

Supervising Responsibilities on Your Property

If you have other employees like the concierge or security personnel working on your property, we will help in ensuring that they do their job. We can also help in setting their salaries or even terminating their contracts if they are not delivering to your expectation. You can also hire us to look after your vacant property and we will ensure that there is no vandalism. Besides that, we can perform routine maintenance and ensure that all servicemen and contractors are completing their tasks in a timely manner.

What is Property Management?

Property management refers to the operation, control as well as oversight of residential, commercial and industrial properties on behalf of the owner, investor or any other entity. Here a property manager or the contracted property management firm acts on your behalf to preserve the property’s value while ensuring that it generates income. What this means is that you can entrust a reputable property manager or the contracted firm to oversee your detached houses, apartment, condominium units, or shopping center as you focus on other matters. And that is where we come in. 

If you are a property owner or have numerous rental properties in your portfolio but do not have the expertise or time to maintain them or deal with tenants, then these services are for you. The management covers everything from; acquisition, control, maintenance, accountability, responsibility, utilization, as well as disposition of a property. 

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